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Thanks to the membership of LATASTE Transportation in Volupal network (Evolutrans product) we can to offer the transportation from 1 to 6 pallets throughout the national territory.

Volupal is a network of SMEs, which develops technical synergies, organizational and financial in the fields of transport, logistics and storage in France and in Europe.

Our assets 

  • A solution dedicated to the distribution of 1 to 6 pallets
  • A daily transport plan in France and in Europe.
  • A clear transit guide.
  • Shipment status and proof of delivery available online.
  • A price per pallet.
  • Local contact thanks to our 55 members.
  • A standardized quality procedure measured internally.

Your advantages :

  • Technical advantages :
    • Timed deliveries
    • Managing your supply throughout France and Europe.
  • Economic advantages :
    • A unique pick-up from your address to different delivery addresses
    • Massification (saving costs at loading and unloading)
    • Administrative savings (simple billing, clear and fast information on your shipments).
  • Environmental advantages :
    • This organization, based on the massification of shipments allows a minimal impact on the environment. This effect is amplified by the use of double floor vehicles limiting the number of vehicles on the road
    • An environmental report has been prepared in order to measure the impact of this organization on the environment. It is available for our prospects and customers.